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The videos below are a true MRI of the diamonds with full transparency at 11 - 15 power as you’re looping it with a microscope. Other websites do not show inclusions with full transparency and education.

1919 Diamonds

Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Fluor Depth Table Measurement Lab Polish Symm Stock No.
Oval 5.29 N/A H SI2 N/A 64.7 59 13.27x10.04x6.50 AGS I I E39576
Oval 5.36 N/A K SI1 S 61.9 62 13.78x10.01x6.20 GIA EX VG E37223-01
Oval 4.01 N/A H SI1 N 64.1 63 11.94x8.68x5.56 GIA VG G D55867
Radiant 3.39 N/A E VS2 N/A 69.0 72 10.36x7.92x5.46 GIA VG G D58514-20
Round 3.50 Excellent E SI1 N 62.8 57 9.67x9.61x6.05 GIA EX EX D55383
Round 3.12 Excellent F VS2 F 62.7 56 9.31x9.37x5.85 GIA EX EX E39621-04
Round 4.50 Excellent H SI2 N/A 62.5 58 10.50x10.44x6.55 GIA EX EX D58545-29
Round 5.11 Excellent J SI2 N 61.2 61 11.11x11.03x6.78 GIA EX EX D58384
Oval 5.02 N/A I SI1 N 58.0 59 13.45x9.07x5.26 GIA G G E36572
Cushion 5.01 N/A F SI2 F 62.1 72 10.34x9.31x5.78 GIA VG G E39950-02
Oval 5.01 N/A I VS2 M 67.1 63 11.98x9.14x6.13 GIA EX G D56498
Emerald 5.02 N/A G SI1 M 67.8 64 11.21x8.25x5.59 GIA EX EX D56756
Cushion 6.02 N/A I SI1 N 68.8 71 11.05x9.58x6.59 GIA VG G E36000
Round 4.01 Excellent H VS1 F 62.9 55 10.08x10.14x6.36 GIA EX EX D56577
Round 6.02 Excellent J SI1 N 58.8 61 11.91x11.85x6.99 GIA EX EX D57118
Cushion 7.52 N/A J SI2 N 65.3 69 12.02x11.15x7.29 GIA VG VG E40137
Oval 5.03 N/A G SI1 F 69.3 55 12.53x9.31x6.45 GIA G G D56444
Radiant 7.50 N/A K VS1 N 68.8 73 13.01x10.18x7.00 GIA VG VG D58119
Oval 7.11 N/A J SI1 F 66.3 46 14.82x10.47x6.94 GIA VG G D56201